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This isn't a hospital! It's an insane asylum!

Mandatory HPV vaccinations for girls...

There are several reasons to be pissed off at backward religious zealots, and this one is so outrageous that I had to say something.

Gov. Rick Perry ordered today that schoolgirls in Texas must be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer, making Texas the first state to require the shots.

The girls will have to get Merck & Co.’s new vaccine against strains of the human papillomavirus, or HPV, that are responsible for most cases of cervical cancer.

“If there are diseases in our society that are going to cost us large amounts of money, it just makes good economic sense, not to mention the health and well being of these individuals to have those vaccines available,” he said.

And, now, a dozen other states are considering the mandatory vaccination for girls.

Texans are all in an uproar that the government would have the audacity to command them to protect their children from sexually transmitted diseases, citing abstinence and "good Christian homes" and all sorts of absolutely STUPID arguments against vaccinating their "innocent daughters" from this virus that has been shown to cause cancer. It all centers around the fact that they believe that "good parenting in a good Christian home" is all the protection that is needed.

Because Christians don't have sex, right? Because kids always do what their parents and churches tell them to do, right? Because children are capable of making sane decisions when they are driven crazy by hormones and other children, right?

Wrong... because children who DON'T do what their parents and churches tell them DESERVE to get a lifelong disease that may prevent them from having a normal life, having children, enjoying sex, and eventually kill them. At least that's what I hear when I hear some of these idiots talk about this and comment on the news.


The longevity of protection is currently unknown. Therefore, just as with the smallpox vaccination, tetanus, or just about any other vaccination, this is bound to wear off at some point in life. So, a GIRL will be protect for however long that is, and then she is completely open to it again later in life. How many adults do you know that get vaccines regularly? What happens when this protected girl marries the man of her dreams, who is infected with the HPV virus, and doesn't worry about it because she has had the vaccine... she will then end up getting it from her husband.

I remember reading some study, that I unfortunately can't locate right now, about women with AIDS. It showed that most married or monogamous women got HIV from their spouse or SO during a time when they THOUGHT their relationship was monogamous. Number one cause for this was NOT men fucking around with another women or having an affair with another women... they were having sex with other men and hiding it because our fucked up society doesn't allow gay men to be comfortable in their own skin so they get married and have gay sex on the side. This wouldn't even be a problem if men were allowed to be whoever they want to be and be able to practice monogamy with the one they CHOOSE to love, and what gay man in their right mind is going to have a part time affair with a married man and remain monogamous? It happens, I'm sure, but probably not that often.

Texas has the highest concentration per-capita of HPV infection. That's because everyone is fucking everyone in this stupid state. I thought CA was bad, but Texas is just a bunch of prolific fuckers and sex seems to be the biggest pass-time in this state - second only to football. Guess what? Some of those people fucking are MEN and BOYS, not just GIRLS. Guess what else? I don't freaking care that everyone is fucking everyone... not my bag, but I don't care. If there is medical science available to make life more enjoyable (like having sex with everyone in your city), then let's use it.

HPV is not passed from woman to woman very easily. You practically have to share a dildo and have some serious bodily fluid passing from one to another... highly unlikely. It is, however, passed easily from man to man. Not sure if it causes the ass cancer, I'll have to check on that. But no... Texas doesn't have any gay people!!! [sic]

So, I'm wondering where the girls GET this horrific virus. From other girls? Probably not. Masturbation? Nope. Hmmmm... let's see. Oh yeah, I know, from BOYS! *headbang* So, why not vaccinate the boys too? Is it just ok for BOYS to have the disease? Why is it mandatory and free for girls and not available without cost for boys? Are girls pariahs? Are girls the main spreader of this disease? Fucking wake up people.

Grrrrrr... I'm so mad.

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